starborn item #1

The Bow of Starkweather John

weapon (ranged)

All Starborn items start as a +1 item. it grows as its soul-mate grows (the owner increases in level).

starkweather john’s bow is a +1 composite farbow (str variable) (bow and blade: guidebook to wood elves, page 84). value is 2525gp (base).
—range: 160 feet
—damage 1d8 +1 (x3 on a critical)
—weight 4 pounds


Starkweather John was a Starborn of the last age of Ashfar. He was one of the greatest heroes of the war against the dark, and fought for years against the drow and other servants of evil. As he grew older, the constant battles took their toll on his body. Learning of a Stone Circle on the island nation of Chillhame that had not been corrupted by the Dark, John travelled there quickly, and encountered a Drow wizard named Zomelach. His innate Starborn abilities instantly identified the truth of Zomelach’s identity: one of the Host. For decades, John had followed rumors hoping to put an end to the reign of Zomelach over the drow, knowing that that would cripple their war machine. At the Stone Circle, not a word was exchanged between the two, both knowing that the next 1000 years of history would be defined by who won this battle. John barely won the conflict with an arrow shot that pierced the wizard’s throat, but a poisoned dagger put John on a collision course with death himself.

As he died, he asked the people of the gold mining town of Bronce to bury his bow beneath the flagstones of the Church of Blediwesse. He promised that the weapon would keep the town safe, until such time as his soul returned and fought against the Dark again.

starborn item #1

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