The Drow Wars Trilogy

Story by the Starborn
Running story

In the beginning, amidst confusion and mists, 6 warriors appeared in a stone circle (think stonehenge). these warriors were of strange and various races. A goliath, born the son of his clan’s cheiftain; A Human farmboy, gifted by an ancient silver dragon ancestor with sorcery. A ??, a shapeshifter druid; A Htak’Artathi, the lone warrior from across the sea and focused absolutely on his bow; A Luminous, his people lost to him because of a ravaging hoarde of undead; All of them were told they have a great destiny by a mysterious voice out of the mist.

making their way to a nearby town, they spoke to the priest, learning of some of the town’s past. A Hero of the Last Age, John Starkweather, had fought against the last of the evil Host, servants of the Dark.


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