anyone is welcome to join, assuming you follow the judgement of the DM. there are a few race and class limitations, but not many. those can be discussed in person. we definitely need some dependable new players for this campaign; players who enjoy good and/or lawful alignments are especially welcome to join.

this game will be hero-oriented: this means good, non-chaotically aligned characters only. it is also more story-oriented than we typically play, but there is still plenty of combat to keep us entertained. some of the major battles will be extremely difficult, especially without proper planning and strategy.

set on the world of ashfar, the campaign starts off with the party appearing in the middle of a stone circle (think stonehenge). their memories have been lost, and their only clue is a voice that tells them a great darkness is coming. with that, a group of shadowy goblins appear, and attack.

The Drow Wars Trilogy